• The Eastwood is individually handcrafted giving every single shoe its own distinctive qualities. Hours of manual labor go into construction of each shoe which takes over a full day to finish, starting with the tapered wood wedge being carved out of its original wood block, down to the last stitch on the leather. As a result, your pair will be unique just like you. 


  • Here are the specifications for The Eastwood:
    Heel and Sole Construction: 1) The revolutionary tapered wood-heel provides a solid foundation and a stable position. 2) Our high density wood heel enables maximum force throughout the lift* 3) The wood-heel is carved, shaped and stained by hand. The stain is black. 4) Effective heel-height is 1" (2.54 centimeters). 5) Vibram rubber soles enhance your grip on the platform.

    Upper Construction: 1) The upper is made with suede-leather, action leather and sport mesh. 2) Athletic 'jogger-style' toe box increases breathability 3) Thick hook-and-loop strap using Velcro USA for better pull and stronger hold. 4) Tighter heel lock resulting in a firmer fit than previous models with comfortable insole. 5) Laser Cut logo on the strap and a Hercules stamp on the heel
    ***FOR SIZING INFORMATION - please view our Size Chart by clicking here.
      • Is a 1" effective heel height right for me? This seems higher than some other mass-produced brands?
      • Answer: Having a slightly higher effective heel height the average (appx. .75"), lifters could see the benefits of a more comfortable lift, better positioning and proper alignment. If you have mobility issues in your ankles, hips or shoulders, a higher heel height could help provide a better bar path and catch position.

      • What do you mean by 'maximize force'?
      • Answer: Heel construction tests have been performed to see how much force is applied (or lost) though the lift. After testing UVA, TMU and wood, wood outperformed TMU by a margin of 12 percentage points (.65 vs .77). A score of 1 is ideal for this test indicating zero-loss of force through absorption of the material. TMU is a synthetic plastic that you will find on major mass-produced brands. From these density tests, wood's density allows the maximum force out of the materials currently available to produce heels on weightlifting shoes.

      • How do they fit?
      • Answer: Please use the size guide below for reference. While standing, measure foot heel-to-toe (in centimeters). Find the length on the chart and the recommended size. *This chart includes 2cm, which is recommended for comfort. If you like a really snug fit, you may want to go down a half size from this chart.

      • What if they don't fit? What is your exchange policy?