P3 The NEW Blue Suede

  • The P3 is unlike any other lifting shoe on the market. Each pair is individually handcrafted giving every single shoe its own distinctive qualities. Hours of manual labor go into construction of each shoe which takes over a full day to finish, starting with the tapered wood wedge being carved out of its original wood block, down to the last stitch on the leather. As a result, your pair will be unique just like you.

    *ALL P3 Blue Suede purchases include FREE shipping

  • Heel and Sole Construction: 1) The revolutionary tapered wood-heel provides a solid foundation and a stable position. 2) Our high density wood heel enables maximum force throughout the lift* 3) The wood-heel is carved, shaped and stained by hand. The stain is brown. 4) Effective heel-height is 1" (2.54 centimeters). 

    Upper Construction: 1) The upper is made with suede-leather. 2) Breathable toe box allows for more comfort. 3) Thick hook-and-loop strap using Velcro USA for better pull and stronger hold. 4) Mesh tongue and forming insole create a very comfortable fit.

    ***FOR SIZING INFORMATION - please view our Size Guide byclicking here.
      • Is a 1" effective heel height right for me? This seems higher than some other mass-produced brands?
      • Answer: Having a slightly higher effective heel height the average (appx. .75"), lifters could see the benefits of a more comfortable lift, better positioning and proper alignment. If you have mobility issues in your ankles, hips or shoulders, a higher heel height could help provide a better bar path and catch position.

      • What do you mean by 'maximize force'?
      • Answer: Heel construction tests have been performed to see how much force is applied (or lost) though the lift. After testing UVA, TMU and wood, wood outperformed TMU by a margin of 12 percentage points (.65 vs .77). A score of 1 is ideal for this test indicating zero-loss of force through absorption of the material. TMU is a synthetic plastic that you will find on major mass-produced brands. From these density tests, wood's density allows the maximum force out of the materials currently available to produce heels on weightlifting shoes.

      • How do they fit?
      • Answer: Our shoes fit true to size and we recommend ordering your regular shoe size. Please note: our Women lifters are true women's sizes. Thus, they are slightly more narrow than our men lifters. This is to create the same snug fit for women as we do for men. However, if you are a female with size E width or wider, we would suggest ordering a Men's size instead. This would be 1.5 sizes below your female size. For example, if you normally wear a Women's 8.5, we would suggest ordering a Men's size 7. See our Size Guide below for more information.

      • What if they don't fit? What is your exchange policy?

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Nicolas S.
Germany Germany

First lifting shoes

These are the first lifting-shoes, I ever bought, but they seem to be great so far!

Noah S.
United States United States

Great shoe

Awesome shoe, ordered a 12 and it was a tad big on the heel so went with an 11.5. Shipping / customer service / exchange all was very smooth. Shoes are beautifully made and practically useful under the bar. Great for squats.

Georgia S.
United States United States

Worth the wait!!

After researching various lifting shoes, and the companies that make them, I decided on Position because of quality. The people making Position shoes make each pair together as a set - by hand and machines. These shoes are not made by the thousands on an assembly line. I needed a 9.5 in women's, which meant the selection was low and I had to wait a bit for my shoes. Once I received them and lifted in them - I was surprised how comfortable lifting heavy felt on my feet, legs and lower back. The design of the Position Phantom places the lifter in a slight elevation at the heel of the shoe. This shoe is VERY stable! I can focus on proper mechanics of the lift and not worry about foot stability. Bite the bullet and purchase a pair of Position USA shoes! Support this small company while the shoe supports your feet and ankles for many years of lifting! ~ Peace out.

Brett S.
United States United States

Highly disappointed

I have used positions for a few years and love the performance end of the shoe. I bought these to replace my P2s and was told these would have the exact same feel but they do not even after a month of break in. Can’t feel the floor nearly as well and really don’t like how there is a rolling feeling in the toe box. These shoes also don’t have that nice sound of wood hitting the platform.

Jose S.
United States United States

Holy ****, the hype is so real and gains are unstoppable.

I've spent most of my life and career seeking the greatest experiences a human can have. I've accomplished much and done plenty of things I'm not proud of. But what I can say is this: these shoes make your life better in every way. With these shoes on, I was able to solve a rubik's cube - in under 30 seconds. With these shoes on, I was able to nearly double my PR on snatches, cleans, and jerks - at the same time. With these shoes on, I kicked Chuck Norris in the face - and he didn't kick back. With these shoes on, Batman put out a signal calling for me. With these shoes on, I made a sporting wager with The Most Interesting Man in The World - and won. These shoes may not bring you the intense success that I've experienced while wearing them. Your mileage may vary. Result may differ. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Disclaimers must be said, because every pair of shoes is hand-crafted and so the effect on your very existence will be equally hand-crafted. These talismans of power will serve you well, and you must treat them with respect. Also, feed them blood periodically. Please note, this is against the directions for proper care recommended by Position and may not result in desired outcomes. They're worth every penny. Get them meow. Also, Epstein didn't **** himself.

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