The Team


Instead of the synthetics and mass produced shoes on the market, we wanted to bring back natural materials, wood heels and artistry.

In April 2012, Position USA was born to bring to light a goal shared by two lifelong friends of making the perfect weightlifting shoe.

We believe wood heels make for a better lifting experience and a better transfer of force. Plus, we experienced inherent problems with the plastics and synthetic materials used by mass-produced brands. We felt compelled to give weightlifters a better option.

Our pursuit of perfection began when we found an overseas partner that would help us construct our first wood heel weightlifting shoe. While the shoes we made at the time served the functional purpose for which they were built, they did not solve our deeper desire to build the perfect weightlifting shoe. After a few years, our desire for refinement took us South of the Border. It was here where we found true craftsmanship.

Passed down from generation to generation, Mexicans have an established bloodline in shoe-making using natural materials, like leather and wood. After traveling to Mexico and working with several manufacturers and vendors, we knew our vision would be implemented with virtuosity. This was supported by superior craftsmen working in safe environments with an integrated quality control process.