The Position Difference

1. Craftsmanship

1. Craftsmanship

We want to build the best possible weightlifting shoes out there. Our shoes are not mass produced in a factory. Instead, each shoe is made by hand, by an expert shoemaker with special care and attention. Each pair is unique, a whole day going into the manufacture of each one. We don't use lower cost plastics or synthetics in the construction of our weightlifting shoes. Instead we opt for higher quality natural materials such as wood and leather to make the perfect lifting shoe. A major difference with our shoes is that we are practically the last weightlifting shoe to use an authentic wooden heel. Many lifters prefer a wooden heel in terms of feel and how the shoe transfers force but there is a problem. It is much more expensive to make. So most companies have opted for cheaper materials. At Position we are committed to quality and believe building a durable shoe is paramount. Our shoes are built to perform. And what's more, we believe we've made several crucial tweaks to the design of our weightlifting shoes that give it an advantage over the competition.

2. Performance

Since we are lifters ourselves, we care about performance first. We've tweaked the classic weightlifting shoe in an attempt to make the best lifting shoe for performance.

The majority of weightlifting shoes fall within the 0.5-0.75 inch effective heel height measurement. However for many lifters, in particular those that do weightlifting, this may not be sufficient. A weightlifting shoe helps increase how upright you can be by decreasing ankle dorsiflexion demands via the heel. You can squat lower, remain more upright and catch a clean/snatch in a better position. Unlike other shoe companies, our heel height is 1 inch instead of 0.5-0.75 inches.

Many notable Olympic weightlifters, particularly the Chinese weightlifting team, use a cobbler to add extra height to their heels. At Position, we think always of the athlete first. Our heel is slightly higher to help assist the lifter in getting into a better position. This is why we opt for a higher effective heel height of 1 inch.

Another unique feature of our shoes is the trapezoidal heel (the bottom of the shoe covers more surface area). This is to give the shoes more stability when you do Olympic weightlifting or squatting. The greater surface area allows you to transfer force better from your legs into the ground which is important when trying to maximize strength.

We've even put care and attention into the singular thick velcro strap we use for our shoe. Unlike other weightlifting shoes, the strap isn't there for aesthetics, there is an intent and function. Our velcro strap is sturdier and thicker than the competition. When you put on a pair of Position weightlifting shoes, we want you to feel confident and secure in them. No accidental straps popping open when you squat. Our velcro strap supports your foot making sure you can get the most out of your lifting.

In addition, with our new Position 3.0 shoes, we have added a grippier bottom to the shoe to assist in sticking a jerk or pushing out laterally as you squat. Never content to keep the same product, we are always continuing to push the utility and function of our shoes for our lifters.

3. Aesthetics

3. Aesthetics

The first thing you'll notice about our shoes is that they look different. This is intentional. Our shoes are not a carbon copy of everything else that is out there. Instead we've looked at the history of weightlifting shoes, taken inspiration from what we liked and attempted to create a completely new look and feel. The goal is to create a timeless shoe that stands out. This is top to bottom from the colour of the shoes we produce (hello Blue Suede!) to our use of leather (vs the standard plastic of modernity) to even the shape of the shoe itself. This is accented by our always present wooden heel which emphasizes our commitment to quality. We not only wanted to create a shoe that is high quality and performs well but also looks cool.

4. Affordable Quality

If you've made it this far you might assume that we are charging a high end price for our shoes. This couldn't be further from the truth. While our shoes cost us probably 200-400% MORE than the big brands to manufacture (remember each shoe is made by hand), we charge actually LESS than our competitors. You shouldn't be penalized for quality. Our marketing strategy is to make a high quality, affordable shoe and let it do the talking for us.

5. Customer Service

5. Customer Service

We aren't a faceless, nameless brand. We are lifters just like you. We are a small business that knows the value of each customer and the trust that you place in ordering with us. We want all of our shoes to match your expectations. In part, you are responsible for the maintenance of your shoes. Due to the fact that we use suede, they can stain if something spills on them etc. However, since each shoe is made by hand, on occasion there might be rare error. You can contact us anytime and we'll take care of you, because you are part of the Position family. We are committed to you having the best possible experience. We appreciate everyone that supports us and continues to support us. It is thanks to word of mouth that we have been in operation these last four years. In turn we promise to give you the best damn shoe we can make.

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