Our Story

Position USA Founding Team

Instead of the synthetics and mass produced shoes on the market, we wanted to bring back natural materials, wood heels and artistry.

Position USA was born on April 4, 2012 after two lifelong friends asked themselves a simple question: “Why are we wearing cheap shoes to lift weights?” We continuously experienced inherent problems with the plastics and synthetic materials used by mass-produced brands.On top of that, the sport of Olympic weightlifting is classic in every sense of the word; it’s been around for thousands of years.

On that same day we made a promise to ourselves, our weightlifting community, and our customers: Position is going to make the best weightlifting shoes on the market.

Today that promise is still alive. As we learned in the early days, natural materials are not just more beautiful, they’re also better for performance. We believe wood heels make for a better lifting experience and a better transfer of force.

How The Position Lifters Are Born

The Early Days...

Our journey began when we found an overseas partner that would help us construct our first wood heel weightlifting shoe, the Position P1.

While the shoes we made at the time served the functional purpose for which they were built, they did not solve our deeper desire to build the best weightlifting shoe. 

After a few years of building and searching, we made our way south of the border to Mexico. It was there that we found true craftsmanship. 

2016: Finding Craftsmanship

The city of Leon, Mexico, was founded over 400 years ago and is famous for its production of leather goods. The leather-workers in the Zona Piel district have an established bloodline in shoe-making using natural materials, and their craft has been passed down from generation to generation. They take great pride in working with their hands to create products with care and artistry.

After traveling to Mexico and working with several manufacturers and vendors, we knew our vision would be implemented with virtuosity. This was supported by superior craftsmen working in safe environments with an integrated quality control process.

In early 2016, we started producing the P2 line of weightlifting shoes. As the process evolved throughout the year, we were able to improve our design and released the P2.1 and P2.2. 

The Position 2.0

Position 2.0 weightlifting shoe

The Position 2.1

Position USA 2.1 Weightlifting Shoes 

Positions 2.2-Galactic

Position USA 2.2 Galactic Weightlifting Shoes 

2017: The Freedom Collection Leads to Growth (And Growing Pains)

The launch of our Freedom Collection was a huge success. We saw more people than ever lifting with Position and our brand grew tremendously in the weightlifting community. But the year was not without growing pains. In late 2017 several unforeseen production issues started to arise, forcing us to take a step back and re-evaluate the entire business. 

In the end we had to come back to our original question and ask ourselves “Are we producing the best weightlifting shoes on the market?” 

The Redford

Position USA Redford

The Eastwoods

Position USA Eastwood

The Dutch & McQueen

Position USA Dutch and McQueen

2018: Doubling Down on Quality

We answered the question in 2018. A year that began with uncertainty led us to double down on quality and to strengthen our relationships in Leon. The result was a superior product that lived up to our standards. With the launch of the P3, we could unequivocally say that Position shoes were now the best on the market.

With a superior product we were also able to expand our community, and in November Omar Isuf became an owner in Position USA. We were ready to take the company to new heights. 

The P3 Collection

Position USA P3 Collection

2019 - Present: Expanding Our Products and Our Tribe

New adventures awaited Position in 2019. First, it was by far the most productive year in the history of the company. With Omar on board, we expanded the Position brand to new audiences and built our tribe by thousands of customers and fans.

Second, we took the best shoe on the market and made it even better. But when you're the best, your only competition is yourself. Along with the 1 Inch Heel P3+, we decided to expand our brand into a second line of shoes, the ½ Inch Heel R1.

Today, the Position tribe continues to grow. We’ve shipped our shoes to 64 countries around the world, and we’re incredibly proud to continue our mission of providing the weightlifting community with the best shoes available.

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