The word craftsmanship is often overused and misunderstood. Position USA's interpretation of the word goes a step further than the Oxford definition provided here. 

At Position USA, we believe that craftsmanship is the dedication to the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand that, due to the relentless pursuit of perfection, will never be so.

How Position Lifters Are Born - Part 1

Picture this...

Dedicated artisans are hunched over their station like a watchmaker, paying attention to every small detail. The process for each pair of shoes from start to finish takes over a day to complete. 

You will see a gentleman named Roberto, whose father carved wood heels for over 25 years. To this day, Roberto uses his father's shaving tools and sander because it's been worn to perfection, giving the grain a “one-of-a-kind” finish. 

Roberto's masterful cracked hands are covered in wood dust and stain from repeating this process for over 20 years. He cuts and carves the most unique and important components of the final product. 

Next to Roberto is a man named Raul, whose job is to stretch the leather hide over shoe lasts (molds). The process takes time, but he creates a perfect tension in the hide resulting in a shoe upper that is malleable, yet durable. 

Down the line from him is Marisol, whose mother and grandmother worked in the sewing factory down the street. Her watchful eye currently oversees the stitching throughout the leather hide on the shoes, ensuring that each pair comes together in a beautifully orchestrated way. 

There is an element of art occurring every day in the production of our shoes.

How Position Lifters Are Born - Part 2

At Position USA, our goal for perfection may be impossible to reach, but we will never stop working with our craftsmen and craftswomen to improve our process, our materials and ultimately, your weightlifting shoes. 

More than eight years after our founding, we stand by our definition and our dedication to craftsmanship. When you purchase Position lifters, not only are you buying a little bit of history or an example of what lifetime dedication looks like, you are purchasing a piece of art… a handcrafted, functional piece of art that was made for one purpose and for one person only, you.