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Luke P.
United States
Great shoe

The shoes conform solidly made and super stable. Comfortable too. Only down side is that I wish the toe box was wider

Danielle H.
United States United States
Great shoe, but sizing is inconsistent.

I'm a returning customer, but am disappointed with my second purchase. I originally bought a pair of the P.2 Blue Suede shoes, women's 8.5. They fit PERFECTLY and I used and abused them for 4 years before looking for a new pair. I bought the P3+ at the same size, and the toe box is almost half in inch thinner, resulting in a very uncomfortable fit. I am disappointed in the direction that the shoes took. I thought I just needed to break them in, but that is not the case (purchased 4 months ago, worn 5-times a week, no change). I know I can't return them at this point, but I likely will be looking elsewhere for a different pair of lifters that fits better/more consistently. I love the company and hope they continue to evolve their craft based on feedback!

Cameron C.
United States United States
Rubber Bottoms Lose Traction

My primary use for the shoes is Olympic lifting only. I do not always have access to a platform. I typically train lifting only 3-4 days a week, and the majority of that training is on a hard rubber surface. The bottom of the shoes wore down to smooth as a stone within 4 months. Now, when I lift on a platform, my shoes slip and slide. While I know the rubber on rubber isn’t ideal, I did not anticipate the shoes wearing down as quickly as they did. Because I love the shoe itself, I purchased a second pair— one I will reserve for the platform and one for training on rubber. I do wish that the rubber held up better. I’ve had several pairs of other brands of lifters and have never run into this issue. That’s the only reason I took away a star! Because they truly are a very well made and great fitting shoe. I will also mention that because they are a leather shoe, it does take time to break in. But that time is totally worth it.

Product Detail

Product Description

The P3+ represents the next evolution in our classic P3 weightlifting shoe. Featuring a 1 inch solid wood heel, each pair is individually handcrafted, giving every single shoe its own distinctive qualities. The P3+ features a brand new reinforced toe cap and stitching at the bottom to help resist everyday wear & tear. The P3+ also has our classic sturdy velcro strap, trapezoidal heel for increased surface area support and soft suede that conforms to your feet. A uniquely original shoe that pays homage to the classic weightlifting shoes of times past but updates the design with some quality of life choices.



Heel and Sole Construction: 1) The revolutionary tapered wood-heel provides a solid foundation and a stable position. 2) Our high density wood heel enables maximum force throughout the lift* 3) The wood-heel is carved, shaped and stained by hand. The stain is black. 4) Effective heel-height is 1" (2.54 centimeters).

Upper Construction: 1) The upper is made with suede-leather. 2) Breathable toe box allows for more comfort. 3) Thick hook-and-loop strap using Velcro USA for better pull and stronger hold. 4) Mesh tongue and forming insole create a very comfortable fit.

Is a 1" effective heel height right for me? This seems higher than some other mass-produced brands?

Answer: Having a slightly higher effective heel height the average (appx. .75"), lifters could see the benefits of a more comfortable lift, better positioning and proper alignment. If you have mobility issues in your ankles, hips or shoulders, a higher heel height could help provide a better bar path and catch position.

Why do you use a solid wood heel?

Answer: Heel construction tests have been performed to see how much force is applied (or lost) though the lift. After testing UVA, TMU and wood, wood outperformed TMU by a margin of 12 percentage points (.65 vs .77). A score of 1 indicates zero-loss of force through absorption of the material. TMU is a synthetic plastic that you will find on major mass-produced brands. From these density tests, wood allows the maximum force out ofthe materials currently available to produce heels on weightlifting shoes.

How do Position shoes fit?

Our shoes fit true to size and we recommend ordering your regular shoe size. Please note: our Women lifters are true women's sizes. Thus, they are slightly more narrow than our men lifters. This is to create the same snug fit for women as we do for men.

However, if you are a female with size E width or wider, we would suggest ordering a Men's size instead. This would be 1.5 sizes below your female size. For example, if you normally wear a Women's 8.5, we would suggest ordering a Men's size 7. FOR MORE SIZING INFORMATION - please view our Size Chart.

What if they don't fit? What is your exchange policy?

Check out our Exchange and Return Policy Page for more details. We'll give you a hint. We are going to take care of you.

Bringing Craftsmanship Back to the Timeless Sport of Weightlifting


Trapezoid-Shaped Heel

Revolutionary tapered heel for a more stable position and solid foundation.


High Quality Suede

The upper is made with high quality suede-leather that enables a durable, yet comfortable fit.


High Density Wood Heel

High density, classic wood heel for maximum force throughout the heel.


Hook and Loop Strap

Thick hook-and-loop strap using Velcro USA for better pull and stronger hold.


Breathable Toe Box

Breathable toe box to keep your feet cool.


Vibram Rubber Soles

Vibram rubber soles enhance your grip on the platform.