What's the Point of Snatching?

October 18, 2017 2 Comments

What's the Point of Snatching?
Written by Andy Thompson 

Over the years, I've crossed paths with many amazing people. Many beginners, intermediate, and every once in a while I've been fortunate to work with some skilled athletes.

However, not everyone is interested in fitness like the coaches and athletes I'm surrounded with on a daily basis. Some people don't care about movement, or their work capacity, or their athletic ability. Some of them just want to look decent while in a bathing suit.

Well, just recently I had a private client ask me a question that resonated enough with me that I felt that I wanted to write a blog about it.

While teaching fundamental fitness movements my newly acquired private client (as apposed to group classes), I was stopped and asked "Why are you teaching me this?" as I was explaining the classical movement of the Snatch to her.

Her question kind of stopped me in my tracks.

Was I trying to push my own personal interest of fitness onto my client? 
What is the point of snatching for someone who just wants to look good naked?

After I thought about this, here is the answer I came up with. As I'm sure many of you will have your own opinions and information about the benefits of snatching...these are some important ones to note:

1. Snatching is a postural exercise. Pulling a weight off the ground, and catching it over head and working your way through an overhead squat puts your erector spinae under a great deal of stress. Without a strong, flexible spine, achieving the bottom position of an overhead squat is not going to look pretty. People with strong posturers not only stand taller, but are generally more useful. Not only that, but a strong posture shows confidence in oneself. Stand up straight! It makes everything look less flabby!

2. Snatching burns a great deal of calories! When you snatch, you're going to be using your butt muscles, your hamstrings, your adductors, your quads, your back muscles, your shoulder muscles, your abs, and all the stabilizer muscles in your existence in order to properly execute a successful Snatch! Tell me that doesn't burn more calories than a bicep curl or a leg extension! You're using the majority of the largest muscles in your body which demand fuel to contract with! This is important to know! If you're eating right, Snatching can help you burn fat!

3. Snatching helps osteoporosis. Weightlifting and other weight baring exercises will help prevent osteoporosis! Osteoporosis isn't usually a desirable trait. I mean... at least it isn't for most people. (See the Position USA blog for a previous blog dedicated to osteoporosis)

4. Snatching and Cleaning is one of the best butt-developing exercises out there! Any fitness junkie knows, that deadlifting, and squatting are a MUST if you are interested in having a nice butt. Well, Snatching and Cleaning combines the two of them! How is that not a win-win?

The list could go on, and feel free to write us with more if you have them! We love to have fuel for our fire!

Until then! Happy lifting!


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Colleen Clay
Colleen Clay

December 16, 2017

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Colleen Clay
Colleen Clay

December 16, 2017

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