Weightlifting Resolution

January 05, 2017

New year, new me! 

Does anyone actually say that and actually mean it? Or follow through? For real though... 

In my opinion, the only reason why people never stick to their resolutions is cause they bite off more than they can chew.

Most people with enough self discipline can, and will change something when they realize what it is that is making them unhappy, and they don't need Jan 1st to make that happen. 

Others... need to make resolutions. 

When I say "bite off more than they can chew" I'm saying that there was no forward momentum on accomplishing their 'new found' goal up to making an announcement to their equally drunk friends what they plan on accomplishing. 

Example: quitting cigarrettes. Quitting something as addicting as cigarettes is not easy. Which makes quitting cold turkey after a night of binge drinking, and chain smoking even tougher. It's when all of the sudden the Dr comes back and says "you've got throat cancer, and we need to operate."


I'd bet you an esophagus that it's gonna be a lot easier to quit when you've got prior motivation. 

My point is that without enough motivation the average individual will not change their life patterns. I'm not perfect, but what I've found that works for me is "small bites." 

Make a resolution that isn't apocalyptic, earth shattering, and ground breaking. How bout start with something that you can handle? 

How much easier do you think it would've been for the smoker to quit their habit had they reduced their smoking down to 1 pack a day, down to 1/2 a pack, down to 2 a day, and then go cold on Jan 1st?  Amiright or naw? 

For all you fitness junkies, here's an easier move that doesn't involve quitting a vice. 

How about:  Make your bed every morning? It's one of the best habits to start. It takes less than 2-3 minutes to make your bed. 

And by doing this, you are starting your day by accomplishing something. So if at the end of the day you accomplish nothing else, you can at least come home to a neatly made bed. This type of behavior will roll over into other areas of your life. You will create a snowball effect of creating better habits and getting shit done. 

This habit can also carry over into lifting weights

How many of your have something that you do that bothers you in your lifts? Early arm bend? Knees cave in when you squat above 90%? Shoulder mobility makes yerking difficult?

How about dedicating a resolution to dialing your programming back in a particular area to focus on improving that area?

You are in charge of your every move. A coach can only yell at you so much before eventually you learn that it's YOU that has the power to make him stop yelling. 

At the end of the day, you'll have a bite you can chew and it will make you better. 

Better form = heavier, safer lifts *very similar to having wooden heels when you lift ;)

Take it, pour some salt on it, and let me know how it tastes. 



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