Top 5 Most Influential Weightlifters

April 23, 2017 2 Comments

Weightlifting has been a round for a long time. Narrowing this particular topic down to just five lifters is not only difficult, but unfair. The charisma, the precision, the attitude, the strength and power all play into factor. However, I might love one particular lifter for their snatch technique, but because I had to narrow it down to five, they may not have made my list. 

I did my best to keep it simple. There are so many amazing lifters that have graced the platform, and here are a handful of my favorites! 

Who are your top five lifters?

#5 Pyros Dimas (Greece -85kg)

Who hasn't idolized this lifter at some point or another? An 85kg ball of dynamite. With his signature "side look" after catching a lift, it's hard not to watch his competitions and highlight vids on a regular basis.

Here's one of my favorite videos of him training by Iron Mind:

#4 Marcin Dolega (Poland -105kg)

Dolega has one of the best snatches in the game. He comes in with such enthusiasm! You're not sure if he's about to launch a weight, or bite the barbell. One of my favorite parts about his lifts is how far he jumps backwards. This guy can travel! Check out this video of his 202,5kg snatch! 

#3 Akakios Kakhiashvili (Gorgia -94kg)

What can you say about this guy. His technique is one of my favorites. He's got such an explosive movement. He wasn't the most charismatic lifter ever, but he showed up with some of my favorite proportional lifting techniques. Here's a slow motion of his WR 188kg snatch.

#2 Ilya Ilyin (Kazakhstan -85kg, -94kg, -105kg...and beyond)

The most decorated lifter of our time. Ilya is the free spirited lifter that always has a smile. When I first saw him lift, it caught me off guard, because I was waiting for a longer set up. He steps up to the plate, grips the bar, and goes. It's like watching a Tyson fight when Tyson was in his prime; there's all this excitement for it, but then it's over before it started, and everyone is amazed at what just happened. This guy never stops doing amazing lifts. With his various hair cuts, and constant ear to ear smile, you can't help but wonder if he's ever nervous before lifting. He makes it look so effortless, and enjoyable. That's the kind of energy that I wish all my training sessions had! 

Check this video of Ilya as a -94kg lifter!

#1 Apti Aukhadov (Russia -85kg)

My number one. Apti, to me, has the most precise form, and some of the most entertaining lifts on my watch list. 

He's fast, he's strong, he's got crazy shoulder mobility, he squat jerks, and he's got arguably the best quads in the biz. This kid has what all weightlifters want. I don't know about you, but I love watching a good squat jerk, over a split jerk, only cause of the rarity, and strength/exactness needed to catch it! 

When lifting without a coaches eye on you at all times, some of the best ways to improve is to video yourself, and compare those videos to the pros! Apti is a personal go-to. 

Here's one of my favorites.

Hope you enjoyed my list of my top 5 favorite lifters on the big platform! 
Let us know who your favorites are!

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November 03, 2017

Jon North is a hack

Jonathan Kiger
Jonathan Kiger

August 11, 2017

Jon north has brought more Americans to weightlifting than all those combined

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