December 04, 2016

There's no question the world of weightlifting shoes is just beginning to heat up for 2017 and POSITION is building a lifting shoe collection that is second to none. The arrival of (2) new shoes for weightlifting has created quite the buzz over the last few weeks.

POSITION recently announced 2 brand new lifting shoes, the Redford and Eastwood. You guys and girls LOVE THEM and we couldn't be happier. We're excited to bring you the best lineup of weightlifting shoes on the market.

If you haven't heard about POSITION, we want you to be a new fan. For those of you new to POSITION, let us explain what makes these 2 new shoes special.

Eastwood Weightlifting Shoes

Our new Eastwood weightlifting shoe was handcrafted using our state-of-the-art technology, each shoe taking a full day to make. The Eastwood has all the same high quality design POSITION weightlifting shoes are known to have. 

With a white and black look, this lifting shoe is charming, professional and sexy. 

The Eastwood is packed with amazing features and detail, such as the high density wood heel and durable high-quality leather.

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Redford Weightlifting Shoes

The new Redford weightlifting shoe may just end up being the most popular lifting shoe in our collection. The unique red and black design has become an instant fan favorite, but these lifting shoes are among the best built.

The new look shoe is designed in red and black, giving it a fierce, powerful look. 

The Redford features our hook-and-loop strap and tapered heel for ultimate support.

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P2.1 Blue Suede Weightlifting Shoes

It's POSITION'S all-new classic blue suede weightlifting shoes that has been the staple of the brand. With thousands of weightlifters buying the P2.1 lifting shoe, there's no question that it's one of the most popular weightlifting shoes of 2016.

The classic blue suede will forever be a marker of POSITION.

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Weightlifting Apparel

Did you know that POSITION also has apparel?

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