POSITION Wrist Wraps

November 23, 2016

In the world of weightlifting, one of those old debates that remains, "to strap or not to strap?" Maybe you're biggest question, do weightlifting wraps work? Are weightlifting straps an advantage or do straps even matter at all? 

You've likely seen powerlifters wearing straps at some point, long sewn cloth or leather that hangs off the wrist. I think it's safe to say that wrist wraps are trending, I see them around more than ever. 

As the weightlifter prepares for his/her set, the wraps are attached to the barbell. It's a common ritual as the lifter prepares to make their mark. As soon as the strap is tight, energy is created and BOOM! 

Wrist wraps are not only used by weightlifters, there's a wide range of athletes that use them in their symbolic workouts. There's also a number of different straps out there for lifters. Even so, it's a "what have you done for me lately" type of world so let's get to it. What's all the fuss about straps anyway?

Should I Wear Wrist Wraps?

Great question! Well, I say, why not? Is it because straps are not allowed in powerlifting competition? That's a good point because it's not allowed, but are you gearing up for competition? If you're not and you're entering a strongman competition, straps are allowed and are well perceived. So to answer your question, it's not always about preference. It just depends on your end goal.

Should I wear wraps if I'm powerlifting training? Now, this is all about preference. One will tell you that the straps will help you with your main lifts. Another will claim they're not allowed in powerlifting, so why wear something you can't use anyway? 

Personally, I know they help, if you use them correctly. If you're not lifting for competition, it's a sure win-win. As I said though, there's benefits for competition lifters as well.

The Biggest Benefit Of Straps?

Muscle fatigue. Your straps are going to allow you to target a specific muscle group and fatigue without worrying that you'll lose your grip. And that my friend is quite helpful. 

So why do so many shame straps?

I think a lot has to do with who you were brought up around. The other big issue is the fact that it's not allowed in competition weightlifting. You're usually on one side or the other, you know, strap lifters on one side and the "naturals" on the other. Rarely do we hear anything about the benefits of weightlifting shoes.

Building Size And Strength

Some of you're out there to build size and strength. For you ladies and gentlemen, why wouldn't you wear weightlifting straps? There's a number of exercises that can be done to do this, such as the deadlifts, shrugs and barbell rows. None of these exercises are used to train for competition.

In weightlifting, grip plays a big role. But when building size and strength, it plays a bigger role because you're looking to wear that muscle out, fatigue the specific muscle. 

If this is your goal, straps are going to be a benefit. 

There will always be an argument about strapping up. So put your pride and feelings to the side, straps are a big benefit. It just depends on what your goals are.

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