Lifting Shoes: The Most Complete Weightlifting Shoe

October 29, 2016

It's All About The Shoe

When it comes to buying shoes, it's all about preference. It could be the brand, the colors, the fit, performance, all of these are common traits we look for in shoes. When it comes to lifting shoes, we look for these same qualities. We want a weightlifting shoe that performs. We want a shoe that fits great, improves stability, other performance traits as well. Of course, we all want to look and feel good in them too.

Trying to find all of these qualities in one shoe, one word "difficult." Well, that was until we developed the P2.0 weightlifting shoe, which was our original shoe. We learned a lot and thanks to your feedback and testing, we improved the performance, features and look of our new suede weightlifting shoes - the P.2.1.

Position's P2.1 Lifting Shoe

The Position P2.1 Blue Suede Weightlifting Shoe was specifically designed and engineered with all of these qualities in mind. First, these weightlifting shoes are designed by hand, ensuring each pair of shoes gets the attention, detail and quality it needs to meet your expectations. A lot of effort goes into each pair, but what makes our lifting shoe better than others in the market?

New Weightlifting Shoes

We now have a fleet of 3 awesome weightlifting shoes to choose from. Joining the P2.1 weightlifting shoes, we have our new Redford weightlifting shoes and our new Eastwood weightlifting shoes

Better Engineered With You In Mind

The priority reason Position's weightlifting shoes are better is the engineering and science behind the shoes. The revolutionary tapered wood-heel gives you a solid foundation and stable position as you lift weights. The high density wood-heel enhances the power of your lift. Put our lifting shoes on and you feel the difference.

Durable And Comfortable

Our suede leather upper supports your foot, ankle and leg. Although this cast is durable and stable, there's no discomfort from the support. In fact, our weightlifting shoes are rendered as some of the most comfortable lifting shoes on the market. 

More Benefits Than The Competition

Whether we're talking about the rubber sole to help you get the best grip possible or the thick hook-and-loop strap for better pull, the features of our weightlifting shoes have purpose and meaning. Not only have we created lifting shoes with more features than our competition, we created a shoe with purpose, meaning and personality. We're proud that our weightlifting shoes were designed by weightlifters, not a sketch artist behind a desk. 

One Of A Kind

Nothing on the market compares to the performance and unique look of our lifting shoes. We've tested everything about our weightlifting shoes and we know it can help you increase your performance. 

Make sure you review our size chart to ensure you get the right fit.

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