The NEW Position USA Weightlifting Program!

January 20, 2017

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Great news! Position is publishing an online weightlifting program available to athletes around the world. The love of weightlifting and our love for teaching and being taught, all fuel our passion to produce the best weightlifting shoes on the market. But we not only design, produce and sell high-quality lifters, we also put them through the ringer.

Before there were shoes, there was a passion for coaching and lifting. Our program was built and tested by coach Andy Thompson. Coach Thompson has grown and cultivated thousands of competitive and recreational athletes in every field of fitness since his coaching career began in 2001. After opening CrossFit Hollywood in 2008, Coach Thompson's gym has produced over 20 CrossFit affiliates and fitness centers worldwide that all started under his instruction. 

So, we felt it would only be right to accommodate our weightlifting shoes with a weightlifting program designed to make you a better lifter.

This blog is dedicated to answering a few frequently asked questions regarding the program. So, let's start!

Q: Who is the program for?

A: This program is an intermediate weightlifting program. It's a 4x days per week program with one of those days dedicated to dynamic body weight movements or a cardio/conditioning type of training. It's meant for people with relatively descent form and no injuries or mobility issues. This program is not "CrossFit". The workouts will last 1-2 hours depending on the week and how long you rest between sets. 

Q: What kind of equipment will I need?

A: The most important pieces of equipment will be a barbell, bumpers and a squat rack. Also consider a flat bench, pull up bar and a kettle bell. Some weeks involve max effort box jumps and others you’ll see some conditioning workouts using a rower and/or jump rope. 

Q: This program has been going for a while; should I start from the beginning?

A: Yes! This program is designed for peaking at certain points. Start from the beginning for best results. Also don't start tomorrow, get after it today!

Q: This program is only 4 days a week. Can I still do CrossFit or other conditioning work in between?

A: Yes, you can. Conditioning work is fine, as long as a "3-day on 1-day off", or a "2-day on 1-day off" schedule is maintained. As the volume increases, reduce the amount of a "heavy" met-cons during these phases. The volume will decrease and reset every 12 weeks. Just be aware that other conditioning workouts will affect the program and you may not yield the same results. You know your body best. Nutrition will be a big factor in increasing the workload from our current format. For help with nutrition, e-mail coach Elliott at

Q: What type of diet should I maintain during this program?

A: Depending on your goals and how you're going to eat. For a detailed meal plan, nutritional guidance, and all further questions regarding nutrition, e-mail coach Elliott at

Q: I'm a beginner lifter, and my form isn't dialed in yet. Should I still follow this program?

A: This program is designed for the intermediate lifter with relatively descent form. For individualized program, please e-mail

Q: I have descent lifts and I have done numerous competitions. I feel comfortable in my lifts and I'm looking to compete nationally. Is this program right for me?

A: Depending on your training history, your current volume and tonnage, as well as your age, will determine whether or not the Position Programming is right for you. Our workouts will last between 1-2 hours, and will yield strong results. However, if you are performing two-a-days, and are competing on a National level, as much as we want you on our team, Position Programming might not be as specific as you need to improve your performance. Our program is generalized and well rounded to deliver the best results for the intermediate athlete.

Q: If I cannot finish the entire volume within my training day, should I finish the workload the next day?

A: No. Do as much as you can, and pick up on the next schedule session. If you have the time and the energy, and you'd like to go back into the gym later that day to finish the workload, make sure you take at least 3-4 hours between sessions. Also make sure to get enough recovery to avoid over fatigue for the following workday.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about the program! We are here for you!


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