The Blue Shoe

by Andy Thompson December 20, 2015

The Blue Shoe


The Position 2.0 "Blue Suede Shoe"

Two years in the making. Three renditions of tech specs, and corrections. Three different manufacturers attempting to get it right. Finally, in 2015 our vision has come to fruition.

-A Blue "Suede" material in a weightlifting format. The actual material is Ox-split leather. This is REAL leather, and is a breathable, flexible material. Some shoes may look darker/lighter depending on what part of the hide the leather was cut from. Each pair is an individual, and is hand crafted. 

-The trapazoid heel. This technology is relatively new to the weightlifting world. No other weightlifting company has ever developed a wood sole that has the expanded base. They had to create new molds for our shoe. Position has revolutionized the way they produced the wood heel in weightlifting shoes. This tapered base supplies a greater amount of support for internal/external weight shift. In the instance that you catch your clean incorrectly, and your knees buckel in; having this expanded base provides superior support for regaining control. 

-The wide velcro strap. This was a later upgrade in our shoe development. We had started with a thinner strap in our 1.0 version, and from our experience found that a thin strap really doesn't do anything except for provide a place to put your companies name. By thickening this strap, it allows you to actually feel the pull it is designed to create. It tightens the foot to the soul, not just at the laces. 

During the development of our shoe, we had years, literally, years of going back and forth. Manufacturers would provide us with a sample, and we would counter it with corrections to make, or scrap it completely and start over with all new materials. 

Most companies have no idea how to make a weightlifting shoe. When we explained that we wanted a "wood" sole, 90% of the manufacturers made a rubber sole that was colored like wood... It was a nightmare.

Finally after about 8 months of disappointment, failing, and frustration, we were able to negotiate a deal with our original manufacturers on a price point for the development of an original last, and mold for the trapazoid sole. 

We began development of a prototype in fall of 2014. After corrections of strap length, toe height, sole thickness, etc... we finalized the shoe in February of 2015. That's when pre-sales began. 

We're in the process of expanding our reach to the UK, and other countries, but it's not as easy as you may think. At the moment, trying to ship outside of the USA costs almost just as much as the shoes themselves.

But hope is not lost, and our journey is only just beginning. We're constantly trying to improve, we're constantly growing, and we're working with our networks to find ways to get outside of our SoCal area.

Position USA recently partnered with Jon North, and the AWF in sponsorship of the 2016 AWF Nationals!
We will be hosting, and putting together the most heavy hitting, edge of your seat weightlifting meets to the date. 

We're currently busting our butts with the Blue Suede Shoe, our plans for our 2017 P3.0 Model and kicking out fresh gear for the holidays. 

Until next time!


~Andy & Kyle

Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson