2017 Position USA Ambassador Hunt

February 20, 2017 1 Comment

We'd like to thank everyone for sending in their information for us to check out as we opened our search for our 2017 Ambassadors.
Yes, we stalked the crap out of everyone and we had a blast doing it!  Some of you out there are nuts...in the best way possible, but you are all inspiring and we love you for being the best family we could ever have! 
One of the things that we love the most about our jobs is how much influence everyone has had on us! We love the feedback, we love the passion, and we love people who make that shit look good! We had over 600 applicants for the Ambassador search and every single submission had their own style to them. It wasn't easy to narrow the submissions down to the final round, but we took our time with it because everyone deserves a chance and it was awesome getting to know our fans a little bit better. Thank you all for sending in that info.
Unfortunately, we are not able to bring everyone onto our team. For those that did not make the final round this time, please know we still love you, we are holding onto your information and as our family expands we will revisit your information. Please keep tagging us, and getting us that video and picture content, cause we love quality lifts and pics and will repost. 
For those that made the final round, you have already received the notice and the invitation for the Final Round Questionnaire. After reviewing this information, we may (or may not) be reaching out to you directly for further discussion. We will reveal our 2017 Ambassadors before the end of this month!
Thank you for the overwhelming support, your patience through this process and for being part of what we are building. 
Position USA!

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Darren Hansen
Darren Hansen

November 06, 2017

When are you looking again?

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