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    Bringing Craftsmanship back to the timeless sport of Weightlifting

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The New P3+ Lifter has been redesigned to be our sturdiest 1 inch solid wood heel lifter ever.

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The Position R1 Lifter with ½ inch solid wood heel is THE lifting shoe for powerlifters and general weightlifters.

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Here’s What Professional Weightlifters Have to Say

Made by lifters, for lifters.

Our ethos is hard work, grit and dedication. That’s why we brought back craftsmanship, premium natural materials, and artistry to the timeless sport of Olympic weightlifting.

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What's The Position Difference?

Find out what makes Position shoes the best weightlifting shoes on the planet.


We believe that craftsmanship is the dedication to the quality of design and work shown in somethings made by hand that, due to the relentless pursuit of perfection, will never be so.

See How Position Shoes Are Made

Trapezoid-Shaped Heel

Revolutionary tapered heel for a more stable position and solid foundation.


High Quality Suede

The upper is made with high quality suede-leather that enables a durable, yet comfortable fit.


High Density Wood Heel

High density, classic wood heel for maximum force throughout the heel.


Hook and Loop Strap

Thick hook-and-loop strap using Velcro USA for better pull and stronger hold.


Breathable Toe Box

Breathable toe box to keep your feet cool.


Vibram Rubber Soles

Vibram rubber soles enhance your grip on the platform.

Our Tribe

Our tribe is made up of everyone who has ever worn our shoes, given us feedback, and challenged us to pursue perfection. Since 2012, our customers have been the torch that lights our way.

Join the tribe. Hard work awaits.